Saturday, 5 December 2009

5/100 - 05.12.2009

So, to mix things up a little, and since I had some time, I tried using charcoal today. Charcoal is something I've always wanted to try but always found it very difficult to use. I think it turned out alright, the glass looks ok but as usual the proportions and layout was difficult. Another difficulty I found is how easily smudged the charcoal is, it's tricky trying to draw without resting your hand on the parts you've already put down - maybe I'm supposed to start at the left side and work over to the right? Hmm. It would be interesting to go back to some of these reference photos at the end of the 100 drawings and draw some again, to compare things.

This took around an hour (estimated) to complete, charcoal and putty eraser on cartridge paper. Photograph (mine) used as a source.
Listened to: Giant Bombcast (videogame podcast)

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