Monday, 7 December 2009

6/100 - 06/12/2009

Day 6 and it's my first colour picture of the 100. I've never managed to get the hang of painting but I would like to, so today I tried painting a watercolour picture of a buoy in the sea around Florida. Comparing this to the photo I used as source it is a bit off, layout wise. Also the waves seem a little scribbled - just not very realistic in general. Oh well, the aim here is improvement so I have to start somewhere! I think the scanner is not capturing the colours very well because I'm sure the water was a bit darker.

Water colour on cartridge paper.
Listening to: The Collings and Herrin Podcasts.

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  1. brilliant! Quite a challenge you've set yourself. I'm also drawing every day for the 100days project but I'm drawing the same thing in as many different styles as I can. I'll definately visit again to see what you come up with!!