Wednesday, 6 January 2010

37/100 - 06.01.2010

Brush and designers gouache.
I had to catch up over the last couple of days and that was difficult. I can feel myself running out of ideas... but I can also see a little improvement in what I'm doing (I hope) which is rewarding. I've enjoyed trying out some new techniques, like brush & ink, and gouache paints (like this little lego man here). Also, I've found that, for me, black and white stuff is a lot easier - seeing colours properly is hard, I don't know how you real artists do it! Onwards!


  1. 'Real artists'? Don't underestimate yourself, I don't think I've ever seen such perfect perspective, your Lego figures are amazing.

    Just realised I'd never commented but I'm loving your 100 Days project, your pictures are just beautiful.

  2. I also really really like the lego figures paintings - keep it colour! There's something really strong about the pic of the blue figure with the helmet as well - I think it is to do with the incongruity of this kind of 'wash' technique and us knowing that this is a plastic thing.

    Hmmm, "incongruity", got a bit wordy there by accident!!